The Champagne vineyard a guarantee of excellence

It is in Ludes-le-Coquet, a Premier Cru terroir in the heart of the Champagne AOC, that our family vineyard flourishes to produce high quality grapes, a promise of exceptional wines.

Champagne, a French certification AOC

Delimited in 1927, the "Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée" (AOC) Champagne covers a production area of approximately 34,000 hectares, mainly in the Marne.

To deserve the Champagne appellation, the wines must be made from grapes coming exclusively from this vineyard and processed within the Champagne region, in premises that can only receive Champagne wines.

Ludes-le-Coquet, a classified Premier Cru terroir

In Champagne, each commune is assimilated to a cru, giving grapes of different quality depending on the exposure, the soil and the climate of the terroir.

Our vineyard is located in the commune of Ludes-le-Coquet, classified Premier cru, on the northern slope of the Montagne de Reims.

In this charming village of winegrowers located a few kilometers from Reims, vines have been cultivated since the Middle Ages.

A plot vineyard

  1. Les Vignes des Garennes
  2. Les Saints Mards
  3. Les Mignottes
  4. Les Basses Pertes
  5. Les Flammes
Pinot noir - Pinot meunier - Chardonnay
  1. Les Carelles
Pinot noir
  1. Les Beaux regards
  2. Le Noyer l'Herbier
Pinot noir - Pinot meunier
  1. Les Vigneulles de Devant
  2. Les Hautes Plantes
  3. Les Fraculs
  4. Le Cran d'en haut
  5. Les Montins
  6. Le Bois Quatresols
Pinot noir - Pinot meunier - Chardonnay
  1. Les Champs Tortus
Pinot noir
  1. Les Vauzillons
Pinot noir
  1. La Montagne
Pinot noir
  1. Les Gillis
Pinot meunier

The 3 Champagne grape varieties make up our vineyard: Pinot noir (black grapes), Meunier (black grapes) and Chardonnay (white grapes).

They are spread over nearly 20 plots because traditionally in Champagne, the vineyard is fragmented. Each plot has a name that generally evokes its history.

We work each of our plots like so many micro-terroirs so that the grapes that come from them express their own characteristics and typicality.

This singularity allows us to create a range of unique champagnes with supple and fruity notes at the time of blending.

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