It's only champagneWhen it comes from Champagne !

Champagne, a way of life

Founded in 1932, Champagne Brixon Coquillard maintains the tradition and expertise acquired throughout the course of the years in order to share its love for Champagne.

As an independent winemaker, the entirety of our products is produced in our Champagne House, from the harvesting in our vineyards, to the wine making in our cellars, not forgetting the bottling of the wine and the labelling of the bottles.
We also carry out direct sales of our Champagnes to the estate.

We hope this website allows you to discover, amongst other things, the different cuvees which are produced in our vineyards.
Don't hesitate to visit us at the estate if you are traveling in the region.

Enjoy your visit and see you soon ...
Alain Brixon

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