The family Brixon Coquillard

For more than 90 years, Maison Brixon Coquillard has been producing refined and elegant champagnes with respect for its family values, nature and people.

A family passion since 1932

Born in 1900 to a family of winemakers, George Coquillard was twenty years old when he decided to develop a vineyard by transplanting vines himself in order to produce his own wine.

His wife Lucie was a great help during the difficult moments of this venture.

With the effervescence of the 1920s, the marriage of the "Roaring Twenties" and the divine sparkle of Champagne was obvious to him.

It was ten years later, in 1932, that he sold his first bottles of Champagne. Champagne Georges Coquillard was born.

Tradition, Quality of wines and Respect for work

In the late 1960s, his daughter Hélène and his son-in-law Gabriel were to succeed him and give a new start to the enterprise.

Alain, his grandson, joined up with them from the 1980s, thereby perpetuating the acquired expertise.

Even today, Alain and his wife Elizabeth continue the work undertaken with the same spirit and respect for family values:

Tradition, Quality of wines and Respect for people and nature.

We are "récoltants-manipulants" winegrowers (RM)

This means that our Champagnes are made from grapes coming exclusively from our vines, pressed, vinified, bottled at the property and aged in our cellars.

Of constant quality and renowned style from one year to another, you'll surely find a bottle of Champagne that will appeal to you..

Act for the environment

Respect for people and nature is one of the values of our family estate.

This is why we have been committed for several years to practices that limit our impact on the environment and promote biodiversity at the heart of our vineyard.

  • natural grassing of the soil,
  • reasoned pest control,
  • rigorous pruning of the vine,
  • reasoned and justified treatment of the vine
  • recycling of by-products (marc, lees, washing water, etc.) in specialized channels
  • etc

These daily actions have enabled our operation to be certified "High Environmental Value" (HVE).

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Estate founded in 1932